Bernice Kerchin's Experience

When Greg McPherson comes into my living room to work with me he brings magic with him. He takes three things out of his big black bag---I call them toys but they are tools for exercising---and the room turns into a gym. The banister becomes an anchor for pulleys, the floor is a path for carrying kettle bells and the stairs are where I relearn balance and work on my core, step by step. A casual chair becomes the site for squats. Behind the piano, he discovered an old exercise bench on which I am now learning the footwork for boxing and discovering that I able to step up and down without losing my balance He has turned my living room into a gym.

I have been training with Greg for four months now. When I began I was a month away from my 80th birthday, I walked with a shuffle , my head, shoulders and back curved forward and my body felt ten years older than I was. I was short of breath and couldn’t walk up the stairs without pulling myself up by the banister.I dreaded any incline. I had been very active when I was young, taking dance classes from the time I was nine,practicing Yoga,walking on the treadmill for an hour three days a week. Although I taught archaeology in the winters, every summer I went into the field. I dug holes, carried buckets of dirt and bent over the space I was excavating, definitely a work out. But ten years ago I began working every day, almost all day, at my computer and ignoring what was happening to my body. I did workout for a while with a fitness trainer but that ended badly and I was reluctant to try with someone else.

Then Greg entered the picture. I chose to work with him after a single phone call. I knew he and I would work well together just from that initial exchange and I have never been sorry I chose him from the many trainers I read about on THUMBTACK. It is just so much FUN! He has a great sense of humor and we laugh a lot. His smartphone contains a wealth of music and I feel like I’m dancing through the sixties, the seventies and today every minute of our workout. He realized that I needed particular help with coordination and (as I said before, balance) and decided that I should learn to box. Oh, joy! I love that part of the week. Can you imagine a woman growing up in the forties and fifties boxing? Greg sometimes records me boxing, probably to show me how my stance and strength are improving. He has made me a TV star!

B.K,Yonkers N.Y

Ryan Oakes

My workouts with Greg have been some of the  best workouts I’ve ever endured. He’s creative in his approach, he listens to feedback, and he pushes me hard. It’s a pleasure to work with him, and I’m thankful for all the progress he’s helped me make so far.

R.O,Williamsburg Brooklyn

Lynette Jefferson

Training with Greg of Di McXprience has been a wonderful journey. Not only have I attained great physical results over the last 20 months, but I also truly desire to push myself to the next level in each and every session because of those physical results. 

 Greg of Di Mcxprience brings professionalism, enthusiasm, and passion to every training session, and really strives to customize every workout in order to fit your personal needs and meet you where you are. If you're looking for a personal trainer that can be a partner in your fitness goals and take you to the next level - with no excuses - I recommend you check out Di McXprience. You'll reach your goals and be happy you made the decision to invest in yourself"

L.J, Jersey City