Diet and Nutrition Expert

Celia Innerarity is the newest member of the team and hails from Jamaica. 

Her philosophy is, we do not have to remain stuck in positions that no longer align with us, and as we evolve we hopefully become the best version of ourselves as we can. Her professional career began in human resource management, then she made a radical change in profession from the corporate world to Massage Therapy. 

During her years as a Therapist, she travelled and worked with the Jamaican athletics team. This experience sparked an interest in nutrition and fueled her desire to once again take a professional leap into the world of Dietetics. This lead to her studying at Bond University (Australia) where she obtained her Masters in Dietetics  and is now working with people managing chronic disease in private practice. Celia has always been active, she's an avid runner and keen on maintaining good health, not only for herself, but for others. She believes that life is a journey and all our experiences are stepping stones to help us along the way. Please welcome her to