What is the Process of Working Together?

Having an initial conversation with our potential Warrias  prior to training them is key. It provides us with the opportunity to discuss relevant information pertaining to their goals, as well as to inform them of our consent form to be completed and handed in before the session.

Where do we Train our Warria's (Clients)?

The main Locations that we do Training sessions are :Belmars Studio at 5 Prospect Ave.Whiteplains N.Y, Studio 26 at 250W 26st St, #402, N.Y 10001   and Independent Training Spot located at 1 E 28th St #2 N.Y 10016. We also do at home sessions with our Warria's.

What is Functional Training All About?

It is mainly about helping persons to perform activities of daily living more easily without injuries. The exercises in Functional Training  involves performing weight bearing activities aimed at strengthening the core muscles of the abdomen and the lower back. And is known to be one of the safest methods to holistically achieve fitness.

How Long Do sessions Last?

Our sessions are usually one hour Long.

Do I need equipment if you are Training me at home?

For at home sessions we provide the necessary equipment to make your Training experience an effective one. If you have equipment at home we can also utilize them in our sessions.

When do we make payments?

Payments should be made at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled Training session/sessions.